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This is my second award this week and I very happy to have received it. I would love to thank the most creative blogger I’ve known so far, the Kalakaari Aditi for nominating me, thank you so much ! The name of this award is The Sunshine Blogger Award and before I answer the questions, I am going to post this poem I’ve just written, and dedicate it to Aditi alias Miss Blackadder (FYI, that’s my nickname for her 😛 )



Sunshine has always meant so much in life,

It’s probably what I’d nickname my wife;

Sometimes it’s glistening on the waves by the sandy shore,

Sometimes it’s shimmering on the lake by the winding road;


Sunshine is what life is all about,

The flowers, the bees, in the summers it is,

The rainbows, the shadows, in the rains it is,

The warmth, the glow, in the winter cold it is;


Sunshine in life is many things,

My beloved, her smile, and her laugh it is,

The shine, on her skin, and her hair it is,

Sunshine is love, in the heart a feeling it is;


Sunshine is memories of the past,

The happy, the sad and the crazy ones too,

It sparkles upon life; it shines on us bright,

It brings us into day, delivers us from night;


Sunshine is poetry; it is a pure delight,

Its meanings are plenty, more than I could write,

It is the reason we see, it gives us our sight,

For on the fourth day He said, “Let there be light!”


– Advaita Inamdar

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The Liebster Award

My first blog award is the Liebster Award and I want to thank Unnati for nominating me, also to Shaz who nominated me as well. I have merged both their questions to avoid writing two posts for one award and I hope nobody minds that, so here goes :

11 Facts About Me :

  1. My name is Advaita. It is pronounced as uh d-vahy-t.
  2. It also means unique, but I was named after the philosophy of non-duality.
  3. My mother named me after reading about it in a book written by Swami Vivekananda. He wrote as follows; This is the Advaita conclusion. “I am neither the body, nor the organs, nor am I the mind; I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss absolute; I am He.”
  4. My favourite cartoon while growing up was Swat Kats : The Radical Squadron.
  5. My favourite TV show is a tie between Seinfeld/Boston Legal.
  6. My favourite piece of Shakespeare writing is Julius Caesar Act III Scene 2, the Antony speech (Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…….) for it is the most riveting, stirring piece of writing by the Bard. I still remember weeping and mourning for Caesar after having read it.
  7. My sun sign is Sagittarius.
  8. I love dark chocolate.
  9. I am a curious person and I tend to read, talk, learn and then discuss any subject.
  10. I like all animals and I love both cats & dogs. But, cats have loads of cat-titude. 😉
  11. I’m left handed.

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