“Missing that charm”


Waiting for new poetry, time passes so slow,

Thinking of some verses, going with the flow,


Words are not absent, nor is there shortage of emotions,

No time like present, to get rid of boring daily motions,


So let there be light, with your poetry so bright,

Keep writing those lines, reading which the mind shines,


Keep connecting to the soul by writing new poetry,

Engrossing us all with your charming rhythmic wizardry !


– Advaita Inamdar

This poem is dedicated to all those lovely poets out there that successfully entrap us in their world of poetry. We get engrossed in their fantasies, their wonderfully written verses, the flow and ebb of emotions controlled by mere words from their pens. They are truly masters of language and composition and they can mould words to form such enchanting pieces, these literary gems in the form of marvellous poems.

And so when you have read all their poems, you end up being greedy and wanting more. This hunger for poetry, for this food for thought, can make one feel quite queasy! Starving for more spectacular pieces of literature, one turns from books to the internet and the blogosphere. And while there is an abundance of talented writers and poets out there, you end up being bewitched by the writing of a select few. So once again, after you have read all their posts, you are left with that feeling of hunger and starving for more. And so you begin awaiting their next post, that next piece of charming poetry, to feast your mind upon!

Until then you always find yourself, missing that charm…………

β€œPainting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

Please share your thoughts below, I would love to hear your views, Cheers ! – Advaita

Kindly note that even though the resemblance is uncanny, it is not me in the picture above! πŸ˜›

Picture credits : Lost in thought by Barbara Krawcowicz used under C.C. by 4.0