The Lyrical Magician

Your words are like a spellbinding magical potion,
They create new feelings with their rhythmic motion,

They paint vivid dreams, they change your vision,
They bring down barriers, they connect with precision,

Words flow down on paper, like they are on a mission,
So clear come the thoughts, that writing isn’t just a decision,

Pen to paper must be wrought such is the force in motion,
Must bring relief to my mind, and express these strong emotions.

– Advaita Inamdar

There are so many wonderful poets who blog these days, it’s really hard to select one as a favourite. And so I would surely like to dedicate the above poem to all the lovely poets out here ! Poets can touch hearts, connect with your emotions and really make you think about things that we would rather not.

The story behind the above poem is that originally I wrote this poem after having reading one her poems. She was a good poet and as I began writing to describe her, it ended up being a poem too, and to be honest nothing else would do justice in my opinion. I am not going to mention any names, because it gives a free reign to the reader’s imagination and that is a good thing I believe !


Little Miss Sunshine

She was a poet from a city, they called it the queen of the hills,
She was adventurous by nature, and she often chased the thrills;

She wasn’t just another pretty girl, she was a beauty I must say,
She was a sight to experience, like sunshine on a bright day;

She could write her thoughts, express her every plight,
She couldn’t however, shout, yell or get into a fight;

She was good at playing sports, an expert in table-tennis,
She was also at times stubborn, and a lovely little menace;

She was quite the sweetheart, and always soft spoken,
She was also very smart, and left my heart broken;

She was a born mustang, running wild in the open field,
She warned me many times, yet my heart I did not shield;

She was a free soul, in a relation with someone else,
She offered me friendship, but I wanted something else;

She was understanding, but she could offer nothing more,
She left me stranded, and indeed my heart was a bit sore;

She was just a poet and maybe I was just her reader,
She was only a muse I thought, maybe I no longer need her;

She still stirs some thoughts, in the dusty corners of my mind,
She did teach me in the end however, to be more humble, to be more kind !

– Advaita Inamdar

Thank you for reading ! Please do share your thoughts if you liked my poems. Cheers πŸ™‚

Image credit : “Journal Inspiration” by Tim Hohm used under CC BY 4.0 / Mirrored from original
All copyrights belong to Tim Hohm, picture used here for non-commercial purposes only.