“Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.” Francesco Guicciardini

There is always room in life to make a new friend and perhaps find someone who even becomes a good friend. Here is a poem I wrote which is dedicated to all my new friends and good friends, for both are a precious treasure indeed.


A New Friend, A Good Friend


A good friend is always hard to find,

When you do just speak your mind,


It’s good to find someone new,

Someone who is honest and true,


For we all make friends on life’s pathway,

Β Yet there are but few who do not sway,


Like pillars they stand helping overcome dismay,

They stop us in time from going astray,


So never fear whilst facing even treacherous strife,

With a good friend along it’s an easier life………..


– Advaita Inamdar