This is my very first post. I should use this post to tell you all why I’ve started this blog, but why not do it in a poetic manner, right? So here is a poem I had first dedicated to someone with a great sense of language and composition, who is a poet herself.

“A Good Poet”

These days good poetry is rare to find,

Poets who can really express their mind,

Rare are those who make wisdom & language bind,

A kindred spirit to save us from the daily grind,

Spreading love from the heart with words so kind,

Inspiring another to write is really hard, do mind !

I decided to title this post “Inspiration” because even though I had written a few times before, it all started after reading some poetry written by a certain poet. I was reading poetry after a long time and I could not resist expressing myself. So I wrote down the first few words that popped up in my mind. And when I read what I had written down, there it was, instead of a compliment I found myself writing poetry!

And so began my journey of writing extemporized poetry. I cannot just sit down and write poetry. I find myself writing only when stimulated intellectually or emotionally. There is this indomitable urge to express myself and it’s only when I’ve written these words down do I find peace and satisfaction.

Surely, many of you who write or are creatively inclined would understand exactly what I mean. There is a certain level of calm that one achieves, when one is successful in expressing themselves. And so I would like to dedicate this post and poem to all those people who write, read and enjoy good poetry. Keep writing, keep inspiring, for you never know how many more might be inspired to write, to express and share, just as I’ve been to begin with this blog.